Mirai Medical Launches its New Website and has Received a Favourable Ethical Opinion for the PIONEER Patient Registry

Publication: Journal of Cyber Policy
Publication Date: Friday, 21st May 2021
Author(s): Seán Kinsella


Mirai Medical Ltd, an Irish manufacturer of a precision cancer therapy platform, today announced the relaunch of their new website for the promotion of their novel cancer treatment, ePORE® therapy. They also announced a favourable ethical opinion for the PIONEER post-market patient registry.

The new user-friendly website, www.eporetherapy.com has updated both its content and branding to inform both clinicians and patients. It has some fantastic new features including in-depth FAQ sections and a comprehensive explanation of the precision cancer technology which utilises pulsed electrical fields. It also outlines the benefits of the treatment, and the specific indications that can be treated with ePORE® therapy. As well as these features, the website contains an updated video detailing how ePORE® therapy works to provide a more visual explanation of the technology.

Simon Ombler, Sales & Marketing Director at Mirai Medical said “Having an updated website will allow us to educate clinicians and patients on our technology and increase the awareness internationally. We hope that we can use the ePORE® platform to serve as a treatment option for those suffering from gastrointestinal and skin cancer.”

The PIONEER patient registry is a multi-centre observational medical device registry with the aim of assessing real-world long-term disease outcomes for patients treated using pulsed electrical fields, in particular tumour response rates, overall efficacy and procedure times.

“We believe that ePORE® therapy has an important role to play as a precision Cancer treatment” said Declan Soden, PhD, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mirai Medical. “We also believe in holding ourselves to the highest standards in governance, transparency and scientific integrity, and the favourable opinion from the UK Health research authority gives us the confidence to collect real-world evidence to bring this therapy to more cancer patients”.

PIONEER will collect anonymized data from patients treated across multiple cancer hospitals across the world to provide real world evidence on the benefits and value of ePORE® therapy.

Colin Forde, Chief Operating Officer of Mirai Medical said “Using a real-world evidence registry such as PIONEER allows us to include a patient population that is representative of the patient groups that are being treated with ePORE® therapy. This includes both skin cancers and gastrointestinal cancers” he continued ‘We have worked hard to design this study and put the structures in place to overcome the limitations of RWE registries, and ensure the data collection is easy and are of a high quality whilst minimising bias”

About Mirai Medical

At Mirai Medical, we are passionate about developing technology that greatly improves cancer outcomes and enhances patient experiences. Following over 10 years of research and development, Mirai Medical was formed from a team with over 50 combined years of experience in the field of electroporation and pulsed electrical fields for cancer, immunotherapy and medical device development to address critical unmet challenges in global skin and gastrointestinal cancer treatment. Our ePORE® technology is a unique precision therapy platform that targets tumour tissue whilst preserving surrounding healthy tissue structure. Proven to be a safe, simple and cost-effective technique, it greatly reduces side effects and improves the experience of cancer patients. It is less invasive and allows for faster treatment delivered as a day-case procedure.

ePORE® therapy, EndoVE® and CUTIS are approved for commercialisation in the European Union, United Kingdom, and Australia but are not cleared by the FDA for commercialisation in the USA.


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