Mirai Medical has developed a safe and innovative device for the endoscopic delivery of pulsed electrical fields, with EndoVE®.

EndoVE® is CE approved and designed for the safe application of pulsed electrical fields to gastrointestinal tissue. It is used in connection with a gastroscope or colonoscope which facilitates its positioning next to the tissue to be treated . It can be used to treat solid tumours within the GI tract including oesophageal, gastric and colorectal cancers. The probe consists of a vacuum chamber which utilises a vacuum to draw the tumour into contact with electrodes which deliver a pulsed electrical field to the target tumour tissue. 

EndoVE® has supporting clinical data for its treatment of gastrointestinal cancers with results demonstrating effective tumour reduction after a single treatment. 

Close up view of EndoVE
EndoVE logo
The EndoVE® system has been assessed in trials for patients with advanced colorectal and oesophageal cancer; it has proven to be a simple and safe technique. ePORE® therapy of GI tissue with electroporation and EndoVE® are repeatable and leave standard treatment options available. The benefits associated with EndoVE® include: