ePORE® therapy Technology

Mirai Medical has developed the ePORE® generator, which is designed to safely deliver pulsed electrical fields to tissue for the purposes of cell membrane electroporation.

ePORE® therapy is the delivery of pulsed electrical fields to tissue to enable the electroporation of the cell membrane. The ePORE® generator is capable of delivering a pulse frequency above the refractory period of nerve fibres potentially reducing the need for sedation and general anaesthesia when delivering treatment to patients and thus reducing the risk profile of the procedure.

The pulsed electrical fields are non toxic to the surrounding healthy tissue and the risk of side effects by combining the treatment with low dose chemotherapy or calcium is extremely low. The effect of the pulsed electrical fields is selectively more effective on tumour cells due to the higher conductivity of tumour tissue and the greater sensitivity of tumour cells to repair after electroporation treatment.

How It Works

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Mirai Medicals ePORE Technology