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At Mirai Medical, we are passionate about developing technology that greatly improves cancer outcomes and enhances patient experiences.

Following intensive research and development, Mirai Medical was formed from a team with over 50 combined years of experience in the areas of pulsed electrical fields, electroporation for cancer, immunotherapy and medical device development to address critical unmet challenges in cancer treatment.

Our ePORE® technology is a unique  precision therapy platform that targets tumour tissue whilst preserving surrounding healthy tissue structure. Proven to be a safe, simple and cost effective technique, it greatly reduces side effects and improves the experience of cancer patients. It is minimally invasive and allows for faster treatment delivered as a day-case procedure. Through the ideation, designing and manufacturing our technology, clinical evidence has guided everything we do. We believe that in doing this, safety and efficacy will be an intrinsic part of our technology’s promise for patients.

Mirai Vision & Commitment

Our mission is for ePORE® therapy to be made available as a valuable tool for clinicians in the management of gastrointestinal and cutaneous solid tumours. We believe our technology offers tremendous potential to reduce side effects for patients while engaging a robust immune response against their cancer. Dr. Declan Soden, PhD, CEO

Here at Mirai Medical, our mission is that our novel and science-backed technology will become the gold-standard treatment for gastrointestinal and skin cancer.

ePORE® therapy delivers pulsed electrical fields to tissue electroporating the cells and rendering the cell membrane porous for a period of time. Its innovative design allows for it to be utilised in a more patient friendly day case setting.

The technical features of the ePORE® allow for the safe and efficient creation of pulsed electrical fields with short duration electrical pulses. Mirai Medical has developed the CUTIS and EndoVE® probes for external (skin) and internal (endoscopic) tumour treatment. The EndoVE® probe is designed for attachment to a standard endoscope and then manoeuvred into position on the target tissue being treated. EndoVE® is designed for the safe delivery of electrical pulses to gastrointestinal tissue for the same principal of permeabilising the cell membrane. The CUTIS probe was created to treat external cancers, with design features that focus on patient and user safety, ease of use and ergonomics.

Our extensive R&D work has put the patient experience at the front and centre of our treatment platform. We are excited to work with clinicians on the utilisation of this important precision tool for patient treatment.

Our Investors

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Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the Government agency in Ireland responsible for supporting Irish businesses in the manufacturing and internationally traded service sectors. Specifically, Enterprise Ireland helps businesses to start-up, innovate and to achieve global success.

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Irrus Investments

Irrus Investments is the largest business angel syndicate in Ireland. The syndicate is focused on supporting entrepreneurial companies with differentiated IP. Irrus Investments consists of business angels looking for an opportunity to invest in and mentor such high potential young companies.

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Western Development Commission

Western Development Commission operates as a venture capital firm for customers in Ireland. The company offers investment management, advisory, and other related services.

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HBAN Boole Syndicate

The HBAN Boole Syndicate is a Cork based group of like-minded investors interested in investing in new technology start-up’s with scalability. This group has extensive experience in a number of industries including medical devices, clean technologies and software.

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HBAN MedTech Syndicate

The HBAN MedTech syndicate is based in Galway and is comprised of seasoned MedTech entrepreneurs who help provide not only the funds but also the medical knowledge and commercial skill set to help catalyse and support medical innovation in the medical device sphere.

Mirai medical board members

DR Declan Soden Founder & CEO of Mirai Medical
Dr. Declan Soden
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Simon Ombler, sales and marketing director at Mirai Medical
Simon Ombler
Sales & Marketing Director
Colin Forde
Chief Operating Officer
Paddy McDermott
Board Member
Kieran Moynihan
Finn Lyden, baord member of Mirai Medical
Finn Lyden
Board Member