Colin Forde

Chief Operating Officer

Colin has an outstanding track record in the medical device sector with over 21 years of device development experience from companies including Clearstream technologies and Creganna-Tactx. He was previously co-founder and COO for Embo Medical. Embo Medical had developed a ground-breaking device in the global peripheral vascular embolisation market and was acquired in December 2015 by CR Bard. In addition to medical device design and manufacturing expertise he also brings regulatory and quality management competence to Mirai Medical and has led a number of large medical device projects from concept, through CE approval to commercialisation

Meet the Team

We bring together some of the best minds in electroporation and therapeutic development expertise.

Paddy McDermott
Board Member
Seán Kinsella
Chief Technical Officer
Colin Forde
Chief Operating Officer
DR Declan Soden Founder & CEO of Mirai Medical
Dr. Declan Soden
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Finn Lyden, baord member of Mirai Medical
Finn Lyden
Board Member
Kieran Moynihan
Simon Ombler, sales and marketing director at Mirai Medical
Simon Ombler
Sales & Marketing Director